Eirfan Meets Kuala Lumpur’s Latest Skyscraper

If only constructing a skyscraper were as easy as stacking Legos. Then, many of us would be throwing together 200-storey towers in a matter of weeks, just clicking the Lego blocks together until we got bored. But to some, the idea isn’t so far-fetched, especially when they are truly inspired by these magnificent structures.

Meet Eirfan Zulkarnain, 5, the boy who decided to stand tall by doing something out of the box for his school project. While the rest of his classmates concentrated on the usual likes of Petronas Twin Towers, Menara Kuala Lumpur and other tall monuments, Eirfan set his sights on the latest structure that is headlining our skyline - Exchange 106 at Tun Razak Exchange.

While many were intrigued by his choice of structure and applauded his hard work, his efforts did not go unnoticed. Eirfan, whose dream to visit this building was brought to life when his Merdeka Skyscrapers Project of Exchange 106 was noticed by Mulia Group.

Image Source: Exchange 106

“Each time I pass the area, I’ve seen the building slowly taking shape floor by floor. When our teacher told us about the Merdeka Skyscrapers Project, I was so excited to rebuild my favourite building in Malaysia. With help from my parents, I quickly decided to work on Exchange 106 as my project. Thank you for the opportunity to visit this great building. I can’t wait to tell my friends about this experience!” said Eirfan.

Eirfan’s journey to the actual Exchange 106 began when his mum, Eida Mustafa shared a photo of her son and his project on Instagram. The post caught the attention of Mulia Group which invited them for a personal tour of the building.

Impressed by the efforts and talent of the young boy, General Manager of Mulia Property Development Sdn. Bhd., Patrick Honan said, “We are really glad that Exchange 106 is inspiring young minds all over the world and we are happy to share this proud moment with Eirfan and his family. We hope he continues to break barriers.”

Image Source: Exchange 106

On Thursday 5 September, the proud family was welcomed by Patrick Honan and Roland Suckling, General Manager and Project Director respectively, of Mulia Property Development Sdn. Bhd., who then proceeded to show them around the building and highlight all its unique features. Eida expressed her gratitude for giving her family this once in a lifetime opportunity of visiting one of South-East Asia’s tallest buildings.

Image Source: Exchange 106

Standing tall in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Exchange 106 continues to inspire ambitious minds of the younger generation to challenge the norm as it continues to redefine the perfect balance between work and play for businesses and individuals around the region.

As for Eirfan, his love for everything tall and iconic was worth it. His structure was indeed a showcase of his creativity for someone as young as he is, but the visit to Exchange 106 was indeed the icing on the cake in this story. The visit to this tall structure will not only make him an envy to his peers, but one he will definitely cherish for life.

Who knows this visit might inspire his future ambition.

Checkout the stunning views of Exchange 106 and Tun Razak Exchange HERE