A brand new icon
is born

With the single tower confidently reaching for the sky, Exchange 106 is the embodiment of elegant sophistication and the nation’s ambitions . It is a breathtaking building, which makes its presence felt. In doing so, it will not only attract great ideas, partnerships and businesses, but also create them.

Its 106 floors, soaring over the city will be a beacon visible for miles around, a symbol of a nation on the rise. The striking architecture and considered design gives home to unrivalled space, opportunities and facilities, ensuring that it will become one of the most sought after business destinations not just in South East Asia, but in the world.

Welcome to a new
standard of luxury

The approach to the building is an experience in itself, as you travel through manicured lawns, past sculptures and water features. The sense of arrival at Exchange 106 is unparalled – making clear that you are about to enter a mesmerising place. The sweeping

drive delivers you straight under the shady embrace of the porte cochere, where people will be greeted by the modern, art deco styling, fashioned using the finest natural stone paving and combined with a striking stainless-steel design.

Inside Exchange 106


This is an incomparable arrival. The whole approach is as artfully choreographed as the structure stretching high above you.

Sweeping and rising as you move along the drive, the lawns, water and sculptures all come to life – reflecting on the building’s outer glass, creating an unbreakable bond with its park green surroundings.

It is a journey in itself, and you would be forgiven for wanting to go around again.


To step into the lobby is to sense time stand still.

Mesmerized, the stainless steel elliptical loop that seemingly floats in the mass of open air pulls your eyes upwards, whilst the combination of soft marble, wood and light creates a warming embrace.

Soon, the flow of life through the space provides an invigorating energy that moves you – forward, and in.


Despite the scale and size, nowhere ever feels far away. With simplicity and speed designed into every aspect, it is as if you are being carried effortlessly from one place to another.

Efficiency, however, never compromises enjoyment. People flow comfortably through the naturally lit atriums, whilst feature escalators carve out epic visual connection between levels.


The sense of space and openness that greets you as you step onto each floor is a breath of fresh air.

Unhindered by columns, and awash with softening daylight, the offices masterfully balance lofty and handsome, intimate and expansive, function and form.

With sheer glass walls wrapping each soaring floor, the spectacular urban vistas ensure you are always placed at the heart of the action.

To come to work here each morning is nothing but enviable.

the workplace

The office spaces of Exchange 106 have been designed to attract the brightest people and businesses from around the world. The floors boasts up to 32,000 square feet of column free office space - the most anywhere in Malaysia - specially designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

All of the floors enjoy spectacular 360-degree views, and all offer an unrivalled working

environment courtesy of the advanced cool light coated floor to ceiling windows, providing abundant natural light with minimum heat.

Exchange 106's dedicated team are available free of charge to all tenants, to provide complete layout planning, interior design and material selection ensuring a smooth experience at each and every stage of the process.


Juxtaposing the daring simplicity of the tower, a prismatic capsule sits majestically atop Exchange 106.

Filled with light and imagination, it beams outward, creating a beautiful silhouette bringing out the building’s full glory.

From the outside, from ground level, the blue-silver hues occupy a permanent space in the city sky reflections by day, rays by night.

It speaks of a desire that cannot be extinguished, and a future that is only getting brighter.